Why Zaxby's

Why Zaxby's

Proven Brand and Exceptional Culture

We believe our culture is the soul of our brand. From the beginning, Zaxby's has been known for having just the right combination of great food, a comfortable vibe, and fun people that care about each other. Turns out, those things also translate into customer loyalty. In fact, one of our main objectives over the years has been carefully preserving the personality of the company. It hasn't been easy. But year after year, we've grown our customer base around this important nucleus. And it's made us the fastest-growing chicken chain in the country.

Strong Investment

If we had a crystal ball, we could tell you exactly how much money you'll make as a Zaxby's owner. Short of that, we can only tell you what we know. Like, for example, that some of our franchisees have done pretty well for themselves. And that a lot of them have started a legacy that can one day be handed down to their children, or possibly sold to the next faithful restaurateur. We can also tell you that we really like the idea of our franchisees achieving financial independence. And we're doing everything we can to build a system that makes it happen for everyone in our system.

History of Expansion

Year after year, we've expanded our footprint. In the early days, it was a handful of locations throughout Georgia. We eased into the Atlanta market, then into neighboring states. Little by little, the word got out. By popular demand, Zaxby's restaurants were catching on in communities from the sandy plains of Florida to the Appalachian hills. If history is any indication, the next frontier leads us right across the Mississippi and all the way to the west coast. Assuming we're right, we think there's still time to "get in early" on what we hope will become the next big national restaurant chain. With most of our restaurants still concentrated in the southeast, that leaves a whole lot of unclaimed territory. And one day, we think there will be Zaxby's restaurants across all of it.